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Marketing Analytics :: Emma, VP of Marketing

Marketing Analytics :: Emma, VP of Marketing 2017-08-09T19:32:17+00:00

Emma’s top needs for generating demand in the marketplace:

  • Good tactics for bringing in prospects
  • Clear plans for executing tactics
  • Ability to test and refine performance in multiple channels

Why she needs help:   Emma is responsible for executing tactics across multiple channels, and needs to maximize performance in each one. She knows she can prioritize prospects using analytics. This will help her find key drivers for conversion and identify good data and resources to re-use.

How Beyond the Arc supports marketers like Emma:

  • We evaluate past performance to find new patterns to target
  • We find key drivers and translate them into targeted messaging
  • We create repeatable processes to further leverage the investment in analytics
Marketing VP

I’ve generated a lot of traffic on my website, but I’m still not sure who to contact each week. By using data science, I know I can get more refined targeting, allowing me to focus on my top prospects while avoiding looking like an email spammer.

Our take on marketing analytics

Using data science for marketing helps you more effectively prioritize prospects and generate demand. By focusing attention on the best prospects first, you are positioned to optimize revenue in each channel. When you know key drivers of purchase behaviors, you can incorporate that insight into messaging for more tailored targeting.

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