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Acquisition Analytics :: Diego, Sales Director

Acquisition Analytics :: Diego, Sales Director 2017-08-09T19:31:05+00:00

Diego’s top needs for sales to new customers are:

  • Finding the best prospects
  • Deciding if they need incentives to close
  • Deciding which channel or sales person is the best pairing for each prospect

Why he needs help:   A big sales organization has a lot of moving parts. And no matter what the stated price is, there’s always room for negotiation and incentives. Diego needs help prioritizing prospects, sales people, channels, and incentives to have more profitable quarters.

How Beyond the Arc helps sales directors like Diego:

  • We develop models to rank prospects on likelihood to close
  • We develop strategies to minimize use of incentives to keep profitability up
  • We use intelligent routing to match prospects to the best channel or best sales person

I’ve got a lot of prospects, and in the past, I’ve been tempted to send coupons to all of them at the end of each quarter to push sales. But I’m worried that not all of them really need discounts in order to close. Have I been leaving money on the table?

Our take on sales

Meeting sales targets is often a numbers game. The pipeline has to be big enough. The incentives can’t be so excessive that they cannibalize profit. Not all sales people or sales channels are created equally. Messaging matters.

Data science is valuable for understanding which key drivers help convert prospects into customers. You can then use that insight to refine targeting, messaging, incentives and negotiating points to get the most value out of the customers.

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