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B2B Data Monetization

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Are you using your organization’s data as a strategic asset?
We help you extract business value from your data.

Converting stored data into product assets

Your company stores volumes of data that can be reused to boost your bottom line. We help you find ways to re-purpose data for actionable insights to increase the value of current offerings and create new offerings.

  • Data audit
    Review data fields and tables.
  • Business and marketability audit
    Review potential business uses of the data
  • Proof of Concept
    Create proof of concept project using data sample.
  • Business strategy
    Highlight recommendations in a strategy document.
  • IT strategy and workflow
    Develop an IT strategy document and APIs for delivering data.
  • Go live with new data products
    Move proof-of-concept into production to enable improved business process.

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(Source: The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics And Machine Learning Solutions, Q1 2017)

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new data metrics for Spireon
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