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Data Monetization :: Vikram, COO

Data Monetization :: Vikram, COO 2017-08-09T19:29:25+00:00

Vikram’s top needs for data monetization:

  • Find competitive advantages to boost profit
  • Get more value from the data he already collects
  • Make sure his staff are using a reliable and accurate workflow

Why he needs help:  He’s charged with making the business run smoothly, while innovating processes and cutting production costs. Meeting these goals involves seeing the big picture, guiding teams to fulfill his vision, and defining long-term value propositions that boost sales while reducing operational cost. It’s a tough balancing act that’s made easier with end-to-end guidance.

How Beyond the Arc supports Chief Operating Officers like Vikram:

  • Assess business objectives to find the best starting points
  • Define the project roadmap and assign work roles
  • Define quality assurance (QA) and production workflows
Product Manager

I need to keep my team executing on their projects, so I can stay focused on the big picture. I can’t afford to have inaccurate data science or stray from necessary steps. I want to work with experienced vendors to ensure I get the most value from my team and our tools.

Our take on data monetization

Incorporating data gathering into the business workflow maximizes the value of the collection effort by finding multiple uses for the same tracked information. Data is gathered to run business operations, and then the same data is re-used to guide the services offered, enrich the products, and enhance model making and decision support.

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