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Data Monetization :: Patrick, Product Manager

Data Monetization :: Patrick, Product Manager 2017-08-09T19:24:44+00:00

Patrick’s top needs for data monetization:

  • Create value-added features for current products
  • Get faster turnaround than starting from scratch
  • Improve profitability by getting additional value from data already on hand

Why he needs help:  He needs to deliver meaningful value quickly, but as a product manager, his main roles are aimed at vision and management of resources. He doesn’t want to get lost in the weeds with the data. After the monetization sceme is implemented, he needs maintenance, but not full time staff. He can bring in both guidance and short-term staff augmentation to get things done faster at lower long-term cost.

How Beyond the Arc helps product managers like Patrick:

  • Clarify business value propositions and translate them into data
  • Build and test algorithms to discover critical customer behavior patterns
  • Develop reliable and accurate data and business workflows
Product Manager

I need to look at in-house solutions to add value to our lead products. I think that we can look at the behavior of our current customers to differentiate between groups within our base, and then use that information to make specialized offerings at a premium price.

Our take on data monetization

In-house data provides a close-up view of behaviors that affect business outcomes. This information is directly valuable to the company for providing customized solutions for clients. It can be externally valuable by enriching current product offerings.

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