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Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

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Increase marketing effectiveness and demonstrate ROI to management

Analyze fraud detection and optimize risk management

Find patterns in your data to predict future customer behavior

Replace “best guesses” with insights for taking measurable action

Amplify business results with predictive models based on customer data such as purchasing patterns, support feedback, social media sentiment, and more.

Case Study

Increasing Retention with Targeted Services (Predictive Segmentation)
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Case Study

Increasing Digital Subscribers for a Major National Newspaper
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Case Study

Financial Services: Creating Industry-leading Voice of the Customer Analytics
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Training & Mentoring

Customized Predictive Analytics Training for Analysts and Managers
We help you leverage your Big Data to solve business problems and benefit your business.
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How our data scientists can help you

Our services include:
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Text analytics / NLP
  • Statistical analysis and statistics modeling
  • Data preparation and aggregation of all data sources
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Deployment of predictive analytics models
  • Cognitive solutions using IBM Analytics
  • Dashboard reporting and predictive model maintenance
  • Software needs assessment
  • IT architecture for high-performance analytics

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