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Predictive Analytics Training & Text Analytics Training

Predictive Analytics Training & Text Analytics Training 2017-05-27T02:04:01+00:00

Learn how to unlock the true value of your Big Data

Gain insight from buying patterns, feedback, and operations to solve key business problems

Create predictive models to focus efforts on the most profitable outcomes

Apply text analytics to unstructured data to understand what your customers are really saying

Who can we help?

Analysts and managers who work with company data to drive improvements
We target real business problems, and seek solutions you can implement to deliver ROI

How it works

We partner with you to understand your business needs and your data
With expert guidance and hands-on exercises, you’ll solve problems using data mining and predictive models, and develop an action plan

What you'll learn

Frame problems with data mining, prepare data, and build predictive models
Learn how to choose the best models, and action strategies to address business problems

Getting started

Training with our data scientists is usually at your offices for 2-5 days
Contact us to schedule training
Beyond the Arc is an industry leader in predictive analytics and text analytics.

We can help users of IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics, Clarabridge, Knime, and the IBM Watson Data Platform.

We often present at Predictive Analytics World, Text Analytics World, and more.

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We’ll explore your business needs and data, and provide recommended analytics projects prioritized by ROI and ease of implementation.
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