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Retention Analytics :: Teresa, Loyalty Manager

Retention Analytics :: Teresa, Loyalty Manager 2017-08-09T19:39:21+00:00

Teresa’s top needs for loyalty and retention analysis are:

  • Finding pain points and friction in the customer journey
  • Understanding factors that prevent customer success
  • Identifying key drivers that influence loyalty

Why she needs help:   Teresa’s team talks with customers, but it’s not always clear what’s driving customer behavior and dissatisfaction. When they call to cancel their services, it’s often too late to have a meaningful impact. By analyzing behavior on an ongoing basis, we can build up a list of solutions for each customer. Analysis can help us know which offers to make pro-actively to avoid cancellation, and which offers to use to try to save customers in the call center.

How Beyond the Arc supports loyalty managers like Teresa:

  • Find key vulnerabilities in the customer journey
  • Prepare proactive and reactive messages and offers
  • Identify the best times to offer each message

Loyalty can only happen if I don’t lose customers, so solving for retention comes first. Then I need to understand what characteristics drive loyalty, so I can focus efforts on keeping customers happy.

Our take on loyalty and retention analysis

We believe the key to effective loyalty and retention programs starts with understanding customer pain points. Once you know the negative impacts along the customer journey, you can figure out the most effective solutions and the best messaging to resolve them.

Our data science techniques help us tease out patterns in the data and identify key drivers for each condition, allowing us to find the right solution for each customer.

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