Identify pain points and unmet needs to optimize customer experience


Leverage social media insights to improve complaint management


Reduce churn by quickly identifying and engaging at-risk customers


Gain competitive edge with insights on how to differentiate your brand

Case Study

Applying Social Media Analytics to Evaluate Amex Link, Like, Love Campaign
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Case Study

Insights on Negative Sentiment Make a Case for Analyzing Social Media
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Case Study

Can Social Media Increase the Value of Sponsorships? (JPM Chase Events)
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Leveraging Complaint Data to Improve Customer Experience
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CFPB Complaint Data Analysis

Using text analytics, Beyond the Arc has been tracking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) customer complaint database to identify top issues and which financial institutions are generating the most complaints.

Monitoring complaints prepares you to improve customer experience, and reduce attrition and regulatory risk. You can also spot opportunities to differentiate over your competition.

Check out CFPB analytics updates on our Blog >

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