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Understand the customer journey with analytics

Why link the customer journey with analytics?

The customer journey is made up of experiences and related emotions. Mapping it helps us ask important questions such as: What steps lead to positive emotions? To greater lifetime value? What experiences lead someone to shop at a competitor?   Think about the customer journey map The map, along with customer feedback, might answer the

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3 Key strategies for applying predictive models to improve ROI across your organization

Co-author: Gavin James With today’s competitive markets, businesses increasingly need highly tailored approaches to win and retain customers. This introduces a host of challenges:  How do you offer the right message, to the right person, at the right time? Or determine which services will best suit specific customers? Or plan in advance which offers deliver the

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IBM SPSS Modeler Workshop: Increase Business Value with Predictive Analytics

Want to gain insights to drive greater market share, increase customer retention, and reduce risk? Predictive analytics can get you there – learn about it in our free hands-on IBM SPSS Modeler Workshop on March 5, 2014. Take advantage of this opportunity to get: Experience using the intuitive SPSS software, including expert nodes for experienced

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How Classifying Data Drives Value in Your Voice of the Customer Program

Co-author: Gavin James In simplest terms, a Voice of the Customer (VOC) program captures your customers’ experiences and feeds them back into the organization to drive improvements that help grow your business. Whether customers feel good or bad about their experience with your products and services, your VOC effort enables you to hear what’s being

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Improving customer engagement in social media with predictive analytics

To capture more value from social media, companies are moving from listening to engaging.  Predictive analytics can help businesses plan strategic responses across a wide spectrum of customers to maximize the value of their social media interactions. Using techniques from data mining and text mining, predictive analytics lets you look at historical patterns and make

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Using the Voice of the Customer to drive real business results

The reason that Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs exist is to monitor the customer experience and identify problems that it makes sense for the business to resolve. Let me be more specific. An effective VoC program will likely uncover—and must address in one way or another—several categories of feedback from customers: 1. Complaints –

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