The Road to Customer Intelligence

Event: Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Workshop – “Customer Insight Analytics”

When: March 5, 2014, 1:30 – 5:00pm

Where: New York, NY


Please join us in New York on March 5 at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium for the “Customer Insight Analytics Workshop.”

The afternoon workshop will offer a thorough, practical look at how business analysts, […]

Leveraging customer feedback to drive business success

Event: Predictive Analytics World, Chicago 2014

Presentation: “Open Your Eyes and Ears: Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Alternative Data Sources to Improve the Customer Experience

Speaker: Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc, Inc.

Date: Tuesday, June 17, 3:05 – 3:25 p.m.

Register online >

In today’s competitive market, the name of the game is customer experience, […]

Beyond the Arc hosting workshop at the 2014 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Workshop: “Customer Insight Analytics”

Where: Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York, NY

Date: March 5, 2014

Time: 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Register Today:


How can you leverage “human data” —sentiment, emotion, behavior and connection—to meet key business objectives and build stronger, more profitable customer relationships?

Join us in March at the 2014 Sentiment […]

Moving the goal posts – Variable ticket pricing comes to the NFL

Bruce Johnson, Chief Data Scientist

Nick Baldocchi, Fantasy Football League Champion

For many years, the NFL has tried to bolster ticket sales to undersold games by blacking them out on television. But as that option may soon be off the table, many NFL teams have been considering a new ticket pricing model. This week, […]

Is your company prepared for the influence of social and mobile?

Social media and mobile technology are enabling consumers to drive brand perceptions and reshape buying behaviors. With social media, people can draw on the wisdom of the crowd to find the best products and pricing, and rely on recommendations from their trusted network of friends.

As this technology-enabled bargain hunting makes its way into […]

Bank Innovators Council: Help Us Chart The Course!

As a member-driven organization, the Bank Innovators Council needs you to help us chart the course for our first year.

What are the key business problems and opportunities you want to address? Which business lines or customer segments are your highest priorities? Where in the innovation process can we add the most value to […]

Finovate 2013: Our take on the Best of Show winners

Most innovative companies in FinTech from the Finovate Fall 2013 conference

William Mills and I blogged about the companies we saw at the 2013 Finovate show that wrapped this week in New York. While you may want to peruse our thoughts on the two-day conference that featured 69 companies, here are our comments on […]

Beyond the Arc live highlights from Finovate Fall 2013 - Day 2

Your bloggers for FinovateFall 2013: Steven Ramirez & William Mills III

Steven J. Ramirez is CEO of Beyond the Arc, Inc., a management consulting firm that combines strategy consulting with advanced analytics to help financial services clients identify opportunities to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The company’s social media data mining helps clients […]

Beyond the Arc live highlights from Finovate Fall 2013

Beyond the Arc will be blogging live from Finovate Fall. Join us to learn the latest breaking developments, as they happen. We’re looking forward to two days of announcements and product innovation in the field of financial technology.

Your bloggers for FinovateFall 2013: William Mills III & Steven Ramirez

William Mills III, Chief Executive […]

Strategies for attracting and retaining affluent customers

Affluent customers generate higher profits

In today’s competitive landscape of financial services, wealthy customers are more important than ever. While they may comprise a small percentage of a bank’s customer base, they’re responsible for about 80% of the profits. Typically, wealthy customers maintain higher average balances, incur lower credit costs, use more fee-based services, and […]