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Using the Voice of the Customer to drive real business results

The reason that Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs exist is to monitor the customer experience and identify problems that it makes sense for the business to resolve. Let me be more specific. An effective VoC program will likely uncover—and must address in one way or another—several categories of feedback from customers: 1. Complaints –

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Bringing data sources into your Voice of the Customer efforts

It’s no surprise that consumer-facing businesses with strong customer experience programs generate staggering amounts of data across a variety of touch-points. Consider a retail bank, for example. Customers visit a branch, bank online, call customer service, and communicate with bankers by email on a daily basis. We believe that this avalanche of data can—and should—be

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Customer listening: 6 key insights on using text mining in social media

What do corporate heavy hitters have to say about The Future of Social Media in 2010? A recent Silicon Valley American Marketing Association forum explored innovative ideas and best practices for leveraging social media, with insights from the likes of Ed Terpening of Wells Fargo, Jeanette Gibson of Cisco, and Maria Pomeromo of Adobe. Adobe,

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How to say you’re sorry (to customers)

Courtesy of the discerning Clive Mettrick at Business Research Lab and a defective pint of JavaChip ice cream, Starbucks had the opportunity to rise to the occasion.  And it did – sending a dissatisfied customer an excellent problem resolution (‘apology’ in layman’s terms) letter that not only salvaged the relationship, but contributed to increased satisfaction

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