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Analytic insights enhance culture change

Most people have heard horror stories about companies that treated their customers  poorly. And a lot of those stories have grumpy employees as a common thread. Grumpy employees create bitter experiences, so keeping employees happy creates better customer experiences. This often requires culture change. Employee satisfaction is often overlooked as a part of the customer experience. It’s

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Analytic insights along the customer journey (part 1)

Experiences are best understood as part of a customer journey. A customer journey map is a picture that shows the steps a customer experiences. Looking at the journey gives Marketing and Customer Experience managers clarity about all of the processes that intersect to create a customer experience. It’s a starting point for both managing and

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Artificial intelligence (still) requires people

All the talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning may make it seem these methods are easy to use. But good artificial intelligence(AI) is based on building up knowledge over time by practicing with data to learn what people do, and how to respond. The same is true for people – learning takes place over

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Prioritizing projects with customer journey analytics

How can we make better business decisions? Imagine you work at a large bank. Your goal is to strategically choose the CX problems to solve first – where can your investments of time and money have the biggest impact? One way to rank issues is by expected profit alone. But that discounts the customer experience.

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Understand the customer journey with analytics

Why link the customer journey with analytics?

The customer journey is made up of experiences and related emotions. Mapping it helps us ask important questions such as: What steps lead to positive emotions? To greater lifetime value? What experiences lead someone to shop at a competitor?   Think about the customer journey map The map, along with customer feedback, might answer the

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