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3 tech trends to help you improve customer experience

Fintech Highlights from 2015 Fall Finovate Conference Whether your company is “customer-obsessed” or you’re earlier in that journey, improving your customer experience often starts with finding and fixing pain points. From the fix-it stage and beyond, it’s important to explore technology solutions that can help fuel innovation. In the financial services industry, the Finovate conference

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Finovate: fintech innovation

Innovation in Financial Services – Fall Finovate 2015

Twice a year technologists, bankers, regulators, press, innovation gurus, and more gather for what has been described as the “Disneyland of Fintech.” The Finovate Group convenes what has become the signature event addressing financial technology and innovation, Finovate. Think of it as technology speed dating. 72 companies will take to the stage to demonstrate their

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Finovate Spring 2015: Fintech innovation for banking and wealth management

We are back for Day 2 of the Finovate Spring 2015 conference in San Jose. Today’s agenda has a number of standouts from prior conferences: Kofax, Moven, and Malauzai Software to name a few. No doubt we’ll also be wowed by a new crop of innovators. The Finovate Spring 2015 team gave a brief update

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Video interview with Finovate founder Jim Bruene on financial innovation

After two full days of financial innovation product and technology demos, quite frankly, we were overwhelmed. Payments, personal financial management, gameification, mobile, millennials, robo-advisors, crowdsourcing– and crowdfunding– just a dizzying array of strategies that banks and financial institutions can use to differentiate. How to make sense of it all? We turned to Finovate founder Jim

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Finovate 2014 – the final chapter

This is our last post of the 2-day conference with about 10 more companies presenting. FamDoo    Mark Lacek (CEO & Co-Founder, FamDoo) and Michele Landis (VP Business Development)  Mark’s experience is in creating and managing loyalty programs. Family-focused product, with an under-10 year old co-founder. This rewards program replaces the typical kid allowance, with the

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