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Growing a customer-centric culture – 5 top strategies to build employee buy-in

To deliver the exceptional customer experiences that foster brand loyalty and increase profitability, businesses need to embrace a customer-centric culture across the enterprise. Research often shows that customers are willing to pay more for great experiences, and satisfied customers are more likely to maintain a long-term relationship with a company, and recommend it to others.

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Value Proposition 101 – Key steps to power your brand

People are not loyal to what satisfies them — they’re loyal to what they love. It’s not enough for a business to meet practical needs and pat themselves on the back for good “satisfaction” ratings. Satisfaction is not a differentiator; it’s a must. To really stand out, your business needs to deliver memorable experiences that

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Airline pilot and passenger

Measuring the progress of a customer-centric culture shift

Building a customer-centric culture takes time, and the results are not as easy to gauge as other, more quantifiable strategies. So why prioritize customer obsession? And how can companies measure the progression of their customer experience (CX) culture transformation? For most industries, a better customer experience not only corresponds with higher revenues, it also creates

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How to deliver great customer experience through a merger – 4 keys to effective communications

When your company takes on a merger or acquisition, you may see great opportunities, but you should also keep a sharp eye on how the transition affects your customer experience. With all the challenges of change–how do you retain customers and strengthen brand loyalty so you can capture the full value of the deal?  In

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5 practical steps for communicating corporate change

“The less people know, the more they yell.” – Funny, but true, this quote by bestselling author Seth Godin highlights why effective communication is key. Your company’s change initiative may aim to introduce a new IT system, reduce costs through a reorganization, or evolve your brand positioning. If you want to successfully manage such an

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Boosting the power of your brand by supporting your internal team

Would you like to boost the power of your brand – every time you communicate with customers? You can help your internal team write messaging that reinforces your brand by providing one-page reference tools, brand-related FAQs, training, and more. One-page reference tools. With the workload of today’s staff, it’s easier for employees to use a

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Handling change management today: what the experts say

Recently I had the pleasure of joining employee communications colleagues in an interview conducted by Elizabeth Castro of O’Malley Hansen Communications. Nate Riggs of Social Business Strategies, Kevin Johnson of BT (formerly British Telephone), Rachel Allen of London Overground Rail Operations, and I took part in a far-ranging conversation that touched on myriad topics. Among

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