Connected Car


Marketing communications for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Helped an industry-leading global IoT company create compelling communications to drive engagement and sales for their IoT services management platform.
Consumer tech Electronics, internet services, digital imaging and printing
Data science Predictive analytics, text analytics, statistics
Enterprise Software, mobile security, semiconductor, Internet of Things (IoT)
Social media Content strategy, monitoring and analytics, measurement

Success Snapshots


Helped our client deploy business processes and IT systems to take maximum advantage of advanced analytics. Increased their time-to-insight and analysis, and sharpened focus on taking action on findings.

Social Media

Deployed an analytics solution to help our client leverage social media to better understand and improve their customer experience, and reduce risk with enhanced complaint management strategies.

Merger Integration

Designed integration program to help consumer electronics manufacturer successfully enter the secure mobile data market and rapidly become a new industry leader.

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