Harness your business data to make decisions, improve operations, reduce risk, and better serve customers. We can help with a range of services including strategy, analytics, training, and deployment.

  • Electric and Gas utilities
  • Oil and Gas companies
  • Water companies
  • Telecom
  • Municipal utilities
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Transportation commissions
  • Information Technology
  • Data strategy
  • Gas operations
  • Electric operations
  • Asset management
Asset risk Hands-on data science and analytics modeling of your assets to optimize resources and operational performance.
Measurement & verification Development of models, approach and use of data science to determine benefits of Smart Grid systems and energy efficiency programs.
Workforce efficiency Analytics for intelligent scheduling and crew routing.
Customer experience Analytics and metrics to understand the customer’s perspective in energy savings.
Analytics software Installation, configuration, user training, and train-the-trainer for analytics software.

Success Snapshots

Customer Experience

Used data science to improve the customer experience:

  • Identified behavioral patterns and marketing messages that drive customer behavior.
  • Stretched marketing dollars with predictive segmentation to get the right message to the right customer, at the right time.
  • Uncovered trends and insights from unstructured data (emails, call center notes, blogs, social media, surveys, and complaint letters).

Asset Risk Management

Developed a predictive model to detect anomalies using structured data (manufacturing, process, and sensor data) and unstructured data (work orders, warranty claims, technical support).

  • Improved productivity and process quality
  • Reduced time to solve issues
  • Reduced unscheduled downtime

Smart Grid

Developed predictive model to baseline energy and cost savings outside of a CVR/VVO initiative.

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