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Marketing Communications: Susan, Director of Content Marketing

Marketing Communications: Susan, Director of Content Marketing 2017-08-09T19:06:47+00:00

Susan’s top needs for content marketing:

  • Conversational style and jargon-free
  • Quick turnaround
  • Deliver on key business objectives

Why she needs help:  She frequently has to deliver new and refreshed content for multiple channels that aligns with current strategies, key messages, and brand voice — everything from small one-off projects to high-volume or ongoing campaigns. She’d love to write everything herself, but doesn’t have time.

How Beyond the Arc supports content marketers like Susan:

  • We develop compelling ways to tell their story
  • We’re battle-tested and ready for fire drills
  • We seamlessly apply SEO best practices
Director of Content Marketing

I have an ongoing need for quality content for our website, blog, and social media, plus datasheets, white papers and case studies. It all has to be conversational and engaging, yet convey the depth of our technical capabilities.

Our take on content marketing

The goal of a good content marketing program is to grow the business by educating customers about your offerings and industry, and position yourself as a thought leader. It’s a powerful tactic, especially as traditional advertising is losing ground in the battle for consumer attention. To help ensure you connect with your target audience, you need to share insights that are meaningful and relevant to their needs. That takes a strategic approach — and we can help.

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