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PR Agency – San Francisco and Silicon Valley

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Increase brand awareness through digital news channels

Amplify engagement for media and community events

Transform negative sentiment into winning customer experiences

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Helped AT&T successfully launch first-ever Shape expo

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How we help businesses increase the value of earned media

PR Agency San Francisco and Silicon Valley:

The San Francisco market can be challenging for media relations. As one of the Top 10 markets in the country, the competition is fierce for airtime during the TV news and coverage by major newspapers and blogs. We are able to secure over 100 news stories for our clients every month. We do this by a comprehensive approach to media outreach that is grounded in the client’s brand and key messaging. Our team takes a thoughtful approach in pitching, and we generate multiple story angles to support key initiatives.

Diffuse negative situations with a top-notch customer experience

Customer complaints on social media can quickly turn into negative news stories, if the issue is not quickly addressed. When product or service issues arise, angry customers will not hesitate to reach out to their local TV news station.In San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we have more of these investigative reports than any other region of the country. But even the national television networks have gotten into the game, encouraging consumers to come forward with stories of how they’ve been wronged.

Don’t wait for an investigative reporter to cover a consumer complaint, and portray your company as a villain. Helping to manage complaints submitted via the media is where the right PR agency can shine. We’ve developed a rigorous process to track and manage inquiries. We work with our client’s Office of the President (OOP) and other customer support escalation teams to get quick resolution of issues. We then help to convey what went wrong, and more importantly, what steps our client took to fix them. As an external agency, we can more easily put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, and the reporter. An agency can help tell the story with the benefit of this additional perspective.

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