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PR Agency – San Francisco and Silicon Valley

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PR Agency for the San Francisco Bay Area — we secure 100+ news stories for our clients every month in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

Our comprehensive approach to media outreach is grounded in our clients’ brand and key messaging. We develop thoughtful pitches and multiple story angles to support key initiatives.

Success Snapshots as AT&T’s PR agency of record across Northern California and Northern Nevada

AT&T It Can Wait public safety campaign

Amplify impact of campaigns

AT&T’s most important public service campaign, “It Can Wait” aims to stop distracted driving fatalities. We help the company get the message to millions of Californians through events, co-sponsorships, and media coverage.

Improve crisis communications

Natural disasters and vandalism are hard realities. To help AT&T manage these events, we coordinate gathering, fact checking, and sharing of complex information, keep the media informed, and work to preserve and advance AT&T’s reputation.
AT&T It Can Wait public safety campaign
AT&T It Can Wait public safety campaign

Promote industry-leading innovations

To highlight ongoing efforts such as AT&T’s Stores of the Future and new blazing-speed fiber optic network, we craft well-managed stories for regional news and social media, and help promote local events.

How we help businesses increase the value of earned media

Diffuse negative situations with a top-notch customer experience

Customer complaints on social media can quickly turn into negative news stories, if the issue is not quickly addressed. When product or service issues arise, angry customers will not hesitate to reach out to their local TV news station. In San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we have more of these investigative reports than any other region of the country. Even national TV networks have gotten into the game, encouraging consumers to come forward with stories of how they’ve been wronged.

Don’t wait for an investigative reporter to cover a consumer complaint, and portray your company as a villain. Helping to manage complaints submitted via the media is where the right PR agency can shine. We’ve developed a rigorous process to track and manage inquiries. We can work with your Office of the President (OOP) and other customer support escalation teams to get quick resolution of issues. We then help to convey what went wrong, and what you’re doing to make it right. As an external agency, we can more easily put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, and the reporter — and help tell the story with the benefit of this added perspective.

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