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PR :: John, Senior Director of CorpComm

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John’s top needs for public relations:

  • Plug and play partner – one he can count on
  • Established player – knowledgeable and on top of media trends
  • High quality work, quick turnaround

Why he needs help:   John is a regional leader for corporate communications and manages multiple regions. He needs help with managing media relations, compiling press materials, and staying on top of media trends. To maximize coverage for key events or campaigns, John’s teams often want added support, and he needs easy ways to provide it.

How Beyond the Arc supports communications directors like John:

  • We’re a quick study, combining know-how with an effective process
  • We make key messages stand out, and localize national announcements
  • We know it’s what you say, and how you say it
Director of Communications

My comms teams need extra support when running a PR campaign, launching a new product, or writing media pitches and press materials. We want an agency that can jump in any time and produce quality work, to help us generate coverage and build strong relationships with reporters.

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