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Public Relations :: Ericka, VP of Marketing

Public Relations :: Ericka, VP of Marketing 2017-08-09T19:47:28+00:00

Ericka’s top needs for PR and media relations:

  • Strategic advisor – able to provide input regarding strategic outreach
  • Results driven – can secure the “big” story and drive quality coverage
  • Story teller – sees multiple story angles and newsworthy elements

Why she needs help:  As VP of marketing, Ericka is focused purely on generating sales, but she has little time to dedicate towards PR and media relations. A PR agency can help her establish brand differentiators, and identify story elements that would otherwise go unnoticed. Increased coverage can help to raise awareness and positively impact sales.

How Beyond the Arc supports VPs of Marketing like Ericka:

  • We’re listeners – we hear what reporters are saying and know the trends
  • We’re go getters – we recognize news opportunities and how to seize them
  • We’re strategic – we take a laser-focused approach to PR strategy
VP of Marketing

I’m focused on meeting customer needs, and have no time to handle the legwork that comes with PR. I need an agency that can recognize our brand’s story elements and help tell our story to the reporters who matter most.

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