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PR :: Andre, Product Manager

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Andre’s top needs for public relations:

  • Efficiency – consistently meet deadlines to align with major announcements
  • Organized – collaborate with reporters and internal teams to acquire necessary news elements and details
  • Proactive – identify opportunities for media outreach

Why he needs help:   Andre focuses on leading product growth. He understands the importance that PR plays in helping to tell their story, but he’s often jammed up working with the product, marketing, and analytics teams. He needs to partner with a public relations agency to promote their product to key audiences.

How Beyond the Arc supports Product Managers like Andre:

  • We analyze – assess media trends and social media to create compelling stories
  • We’re established – we have relationships with top tier Bay Area reporters
  • We’re creative – we see multiple story angles and know how to use them to generate coverage
Product Manager

I’ve got a full plate just making sure we’ve got a great product story to tell. I need a PR agency that can help me tell it. I want an established player that can use their media relationships to tie our product story into the bigger picture.

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