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Discover cutting-edge Generative AI technologies as part of our AI Consulting Services. Our team is integrating Generative AI with traditional ML and NLP solutions.

We help you use AI/ML and NLP to solve challenging problems at scale. Optimize marketing and sales, logistics, operations and customer experience by combining AI and predictive analytics.


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AI consulting and machine learning

5 Questions to Consider if You’re Evaluating AI

  • 1

    What are the potential benefits of implementing AI in our company?

  • 2

    What resources and expertise do we need to implement AI effectively?

  • 3

    What are the ethical considerations and risks associated with AI adoption?

  • 4

    How do we determine which AI technologies and applications are suitable for our business?

  • 5

    What is the expected return on investment (ROI) of implementing AI?

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Improve results with AI consulting and machine learning

See how our machine learning models and predictive AI solutions can help your company reduce attrition and protect revenue at risk of churn.
  • Predict customer churn with AI

  • Reduce costs with predictive maintenance

  • Get ready for a cookieless future

  • Build the business case for AI with a Proof of Concept

2-5x ROI on average
from implementing machine learning projects

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AI and Machine Learning Consulting Use Cases

How our AI and machine learning experts can help you

  • Statistical analysis and modeling

  • Prepare and aggregate data from many sources

  • Data visualization and dashboard reporting

  • Machine learning consulting

Learn more about our process to develop and deploy AI/ML >

  • 1

    Foster a data-driven culture that encourages the use of data and analytics in decision-making processes.

  • 2

    Collaborate with machine learning experts to leverage external knowledge and expertise.

  • 3

    Embrace flexible development practices for faster iterations and deployment of solutions.

Explore the Case Study

Discover how Johnson Controls (JCI) identified $100M in protectable revenue by predicting customer churn with AI

AI Case Study – JCI and Beyond the Arc

JCI faced the challenge of wanting to use AI and machine learning (ML) to reduce customer attrition, but they started out with no usable datasets, no data science team, and no data strategy.

Today, they’ve expanded machine learning churn prediction to six more business lines. Their internal team of ML experts has grown to 12, including data scientists and data engineers. And now they are using AI to tackle new business challenges.

Explore their journey with Beyond the Arc and gain insights into ML-driven predictive success.

Explore the Case Study

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