Are attrition rates climbing? Let’s work together to address customer churn prediction for your SaaS company

  • Predict which customers will cancel with machine learning

  • Reduce attrition with predictive churn modeling

  • Identify root causes of attrition with algorithms customized to your business

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Prevent revenue loss by reducing churn

SaaS companies typically struggle with annual churn rates as high as 36 – 76%1 — and much of it is preventable. Our approach for customer churn prediction combines machine learning and customer experience strategy to help you reverse attrition.

  • Pinpoint at-risk accounts with B2B churn models that help prioritize customer save efforts

  • Accelerate time-to-action with robust predictive churn modeling that assesses hundreds of relevant variables

  • Machine learning & AI

  • Predictive analytics & modeling

  • Statistical analysis

  • Text analytics & NLP

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Why choose Beyond the Arc?

We help your customer success teams take action

Customized machine learning algorithms, predictive models, and statistical analysis can help to rank at-risk customers based on a combination of likelihood to cancel and monetary value.

We combine data science and CX strategy

Our rigorous business analysis helps identify customer experience triggers, and we map journeys to data sources so predictive churn models accurately reflect how you do business. It enhances customer churn prediction, and helps you develop engagement strategies that preserve relationships, improve touch points, and increase customer lifetime value.

We start delivering value right away

Our years working in the tech industry enable us to ramp up fast to understand your business, and apply a strategic perspective to more quickly target the right data, create the best predictive models, and help you put insights into action.

Ready to reverse attrition?

Let’s collaborate to uncover your root causes of customer dissatisfaction and churn, and help you develop a customer-focused action plan to drive improvements.

Boosting customer retention by just 5% leads to a profit increase of 25% to 95%2