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VOC Enterprise Feedback Solution:

Maximizing customer satisfaction and capturing actionable insights through individualized Voice of the Customer solutions deployed with  IBM/SPSS Modeler Text Mining and Predictive Analytics

To help clients gain valuable insights to improve customer experience, Beyond the Arc provides a VOC Enterprise Feedback solution offering a full range of services for Voice of the Customer programs; from strategic planning to sophisticated technology implementations of IBM SPSS text mining and data analytics, with deployment back into the enterprise.

Beyond the Arc combines consulting in advanced analytics with sophisticated custom technology implementations for IBM/SPSS text mining, statistics, and predictive analytics

The solution can start with a core IBM SPSS Modeler Premium deployment with Text Analytics, and can scale to include additional features such as Entity Analytics, Modeler Server, SPSS Statistics and Analytic Server.

Enhanced deployment and automation options include IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services which can leverage an existing IT infrastructure and optional applications such as IBM DB2 and IBM WebSphere, as well as integration with other vendor platforms in the enterprise.

Expert Solutions in IBM SPSS

How Clients Benefit

VOC Analysis Development:

  • Deploy text analytics for processing structured text customer feedback
  • Develop linguistic resources to understand company relevant feedback
  • Develop classification schemes to capture customer categories and themes which support discovery of actionable insights and existing reporting requirements
  • Develop predictive analytic models to enhance capabilities, and combine both unstructured text and structured data
  • Provide timely and sound analysis to support business leaders
  • Expand the capacity of the program to address partners’ business objectives via analytics


Custom linguistics development and classification schemes can provide the ability to understand how your customers speak, what are their underlying meanings and issues, and the best lense to view and organize the insights so they are actionable for your business.

Text analytics can be combined with predictive and statistical analytics for enhanced modeling utlizing more of your data.

VOC analysis is built around repeatable and deployable processes to support business partners needs and objectives in a flexible manner.


  • Review existing infrastructure and requirements for VOC integration
  • Install and/or integrate required IBM/SPSS analytic tools, including Modeling, Text Analytics, Collaboration and Deployment, Entity Analytics, Execution Servers, Application Servers, Databases, BigInsights/Hadoop
  • Define  technical requirements for program growth
One source for both IT and Analytics deployment; providing onsite and remote capability to securely install into your existing infrastructure, deploying scalable capability for your current and future needs.
Data Acquisition:

  • Develop and deploy process for acquiring new data sources based on business needs, considering in part the customer lifecycle
  • Develop strategy for automating data sources acquisition and ETL
  • Capture and aggregate customer feedback across channels and business lines from multiple touch points such as call centers, surveys, emails, social media and escalation sources.
Selection and prioritization of data sources can focus effort on the most productive data first.  True data understanding and data prep is a time consuming process that can be automated once established.

Integration of multiple data sources and across business lines provide different perspectives and surfacing of issues that might not as visible otherwise.


  • Create and deliver meaningful reporting within established timelines to business partners and leadership teams
  • Emerging Issues reporting
  • Top Themes reporting
  • VOC reports to support Compliance and risk
  • Integrate new data sources into standard reporting process
  • Dashboards at the appropiate level of detail for audiences
  • Support partner requests for ad hoc analysis and reporting
  • Develop and maintain Voice of the Customer roadshow showcasing findings to key business partners
Best practices reporting provide actionable insights to appropriate audiences at the appropriate detail.

Tracking top customer pain points help understand the customer experience from the customer’s point of view, while identifying emerging issues can reveal new issues in time  to reduce emerging risk.

Automation of reports and dashboards can help operationalize the deployment in a scalable manner.

Deploying an analytic “platform” allows flexible reporting to support custom requests.


  • Scale with Collaborative and Deployment Services and/or additional execution servers
  • Design and implement process improvements
  • Customer complaint resolution
  • Revise customer communications and employee/call center scripting
  • Issue prevention and root cause analysis
  • Training and workshops to enhance employee participation and throughput
  • Measure the impact of VOC and other customer initiatives
Insights are not only reported on, but are used to drive process improvements, reduce reoccurrence, and improve the overall customer experience and retention.

More than listening and reporting, provides expertise in crafting communications back to the customer, “The Voice of the Company,” to complete the customer communications cycle.

Training enables employees to help scale deployment and bring more capability in-house.

Program Strategy:

  • Benchmark existing processes against industry best practices
  • Customer experience, customer lifecycle, journey and persona mapping, target segments
  • Build out the tactical work streams needed to execute the program
Understanding the business and the customers’ journey is key to properly interpreting the customer experience and enabling appropriate responses by the business.
Business Relationships:

  • Strategies for supporting existing partners with VOC insights
  • Systematic approach to expanding the VOC program via new internal partnerships
Obtaining buy-in from across the enterprise by involving and incentivizing stakeholders enables shared interests and access to data and resources.

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