When was the last time you received a really compelling business communication? Consider the volume of email, letters, instant messages, and more that compete for our attention every day. It’s not surprising that your customers may miss an important message from you.

Every business wants to create well-written communications that stand out. But they often make common mistakes that can turn people off. What do your customers think about the letters and email you send?

Take our five-question quiz:

1. How do you begin the letter or email?

Do your letters start by focusing on your company’s strengths, brand promise, or recent accomplishments? Yes            No

2. What’s the tone?

Would you describe the tone as “business-like”? Yes            No

3. How much background information do you provide?

Do you go straight to the purpose of your message? Yes            No

4. What do you say about taking action?

Do you include a call to action within main paragraphs? Yes            No

5. How do you handle contact information?

Do you reference a phone number on your letterhead? Yes            No

So what was your quiz result? If most, or all of your answers are “yes,” you may be surprised to discover that your customers are often not reading your communications. Or they may be missing important messages from you, which can impact the customer experience.

Today’s customers want communications that focus on their interests and needs, not yours. Because they’re busy, they want to be able to quickly scan for key content, yet still get enough context to make sense of your message. And they want all the information about how to contact you, including your business hours. Fortunately, there are easy ways to address these customer needs and make your communications more helpful and engaging.

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