Would you like to boost the power of your brand – every time you communicate with customers? You can help your internal team write messaging that reinforces your brand by providing one-page reference tools, brand-related FAQs, training, and more.

  • One-page reference tools. With the workload of today’s staff, it’s easier for employees to use a one-page reference than to scan through a large manual. Your one-pager might be “visually” oriented with your fonts, colors, logo, and other standards clearly packaged. Another one-pager might be style-related, with tips on expressing the tone and spirit of your brand. Include the key themes you want customers to recognize.
  • Brand-related FAQs. Why not come up with key questions and answers that help solidify your brand image? We suggest you frame the questions from your customer’s point of view. For example, “What kind of company is ZYX?” “How do you view your relationship with your customers?” “What can you do for me?” Your answers should provide the aspirational messages that you want employees to embrace.
  • Training. How can you help your employees express your brand in writing? It helps to demonstrate the distinctive image that successful companies have established. For example, most employees are familiar with the magic of Disney. Have them translate that magic into words. Then look at your own communications across several touchpoints – ads, letters, emails, and online. What promise is your brand making, and how effectively is it being expressed? Pick several communications that are fairly short. As a group, review them and identify ways to better express your brand messages.
  • Other resources. Templates, standards and guidelines, before and after examples – these are all valuable tools for your staff to use. Because everyone has their own learning style, it makes sense to provide a variety of aides to help your employees clearly and effectively communicate your brand’s DNA.