Are your senior executives looking for a quick return on your Customer Experience efforts? Beyond the Arc can help. Our Voice of the Customer QuickStart program helps financial services clients focus on key customer touch points, understand the data requirements, and build models to uncover insights in a short, clearly defined timeframe.

Financial services organizations host an increasingly complex array of touch points for customer interaction – including branches, ATMs, phone, online, email, and mobile banking. Our QuickStart program is designed to help you quickly gather insights from a key touch point to provide instant credibility for your Customer Experience program.

Beyond the Arc’s QuickStart Program includes:

  • Guidance in defining the initial customer touch point to kick off your Customer Experience effort.
  • A data usability session to help you understand the data requirements needed to gain insights about this touch point.
  • A best practices session that helps you build models that uncover valuable insights about your customers’ experience with this touch point.

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