Voice of the Customer programs are evolving as predictive analytics and text mining expand a company’s ability to understand, and react to, customer complaints, suggestions, and feedback. We recently asked our colleague Bruce Johnson, a data mining expert with over 20 years of experience in the field, to share a few musings.

Here’s Bruce’s take:

“I find myself energized when talking about what we do. We discover what customers are saying using a combination of very powerful statistical and data mining tools. When you have millions of inputs, you can’t read it all, but we use these tools to assist in finding the main themes, and in discovering the important emerging issues.

The challenge is to uncover interesting findings, and communicate our insights, both in the form of regular summarized reports, and as analyses with the right amount of detail to be actionable by our clients.

The use of text mining and predictive analytics in this way is quite new; I enjoy my role in helping to shape this discipline.”

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