Event: 15th Annual Mortgage Technology Conference
Date: November 18-20, 2013

Presentation: A Win-Win Situation:  Leveraging Social Media Strategy to Improve Regulatory Compliance & the Customer Experience

Speaker: Steven J. Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc, Inc.

Taking a fresh approach in your social media management can help financial institutions increase revenue and cut costs. How? Used the right way, social media can give organizations such as home lenders a sharp edge over the competition by increasing engagement to strengthen relationships and motivate customer referrals to grow the business. Social networks are also a powerful tool for identifying problems early on for quick resolution to avoid attrition and regulatory risk.

This November, the 15th Annual Mortgage Technology Conference explores best practices for using social media, data science, and online marketing in mortgage lending and servicing. At this event, Beyond the Arc CEO, Steven J. Ramirez will discuss effective social media strategies that can improve customer experience and increase acquisition in the lending industry. He’ll highlight approaches that have proven successful for our clients:

  • Monitoring social media outlets to identify, categorize, and analyze customer feedback and consumer perceptions about your brand and industry.
  • Establishing a solid social media presence across multiple platforms to directly engage customers.
  • Implementing the enabling technologies needed for effective social media management and planning for mobile in developing social media strategies.