We’re blogging live from the Fall Finovate show in New York. Over 1,500 people on hand to learn more about innovations for banks, credit unions, investment companies, payments providers, credit card issuers, and others  in financial services.  Our blog will cover more than 70 companies over a two day period. You can also follow the action on Twitter.

PayItSimple –  Alon Feit (CFO & Co-Founder) and Stacy Fassberg (All Things Marketing or VP, Marketing) Merchants can offer interest-free installment payments on the consumer’s existing credit card. Enjoy now, pay later– and avoid the interest. No fees or charges.  Interested to learn more about this business model. PayItSimple integrates with online shopping carts, and can be implemented at point of sale. Merchants can take advantage of an API. Merchant’s payment is secured, backed by the credit card issuer. Wondering how chargebacks affect the process. ^SR

GREMLN – Ryan Bell (CEO)  and TJ Tavares (Sr. Sales Executive) A secure social media platform for financial services. The company was introduced by Joe Nadreau, a senior leader at Wells Fargo Advisors (who  lives in St Louis, also home to GREMLN.) The desktop application UI looks a lot like HootSuite.  Mobile app allows approval of posts on the go. Enables banks to easily administer their compliance policies. The platform enables you to maintain a content library, with content that has been pre-approved. Has built-in audit function, to help banks maintain social media history if ever need for internal or regulatory audit. ^SR

eMoney Advisor  –  Kyle Wharton (Business Development) and Chad Porche (Development)  eMoney Advisor provides a suite of online tools for financial advisors. Over 200 reports, an online vault, client portal, PFM, and more. A lot is packed into this product. They have just launched analytics for advisors, with dynamic drill-down and simple visualizations. ^SR

Dynamics  –  Jeff Mullen (CEO) Dynamics enables you to add software apps to a credit card, and then include a physical button to enable functionality. This is a push-button credit card, with over 100 electronics components. Includes EMV, as well as other embedded technology. The card has a micro-battery, wondering what happens when the battery dies? The card is very distinctive, I’m sure there is some novelty for consumers.  I’m not sure I’m excited by the way they have applied the technology, but the idea of adding multi-function chips to a credit card is very innovative. ^SR

Luxoft  – Przemek Berendt (VP Global Marketing) and Fabrice Aresu (Head of Business Support Group)  Luxoft uses Big Data and visualization for a financial institution’s data warewhouse. Pre-defined dashboards make it simple to see data, across the bank’s silos. This is a strong tool for viewing risk metrics. They have a great visualization of customer complaints, helping the bank to more actively manage the risk. Not a one-size-fits-all solution, they state it is easy to customize. ^SR

iQuantifi   Tom White (CEO & Founder) and Karen White (CPO & Co-Founder)  This company embraces the “robo-advisor” title, and their offering makes investing easier and more strategic for millennials. Investors can personalize their financial plan, and see it on a timeline. Investment advisory algorithm helps to recommend the right investments for each investor. The tool enables people to manage their monthly budget, and tie cashflow to goals, matched with investments. Cash Finder helps people spot ways to save money from their budget: $200 short this month?  The app tells you what expenses you may be able to cut. Combination of PFM and investment management, designed for a mass market audience. ^SR

My Virtual StrongBox   Ron Daly (CEO) and Samantha Thrift (Sales Associate)  They consider their product to be an online safe deposit box. How do I upload my grandmother’s wedding ring? Banks can use this as part of their lending platform, to securely exchange documents. The product has an interactive wizard that prompts you with ideas for what documents you might store. Ron asks rhetorically, “How is this different from DropBox, Box, and other data storage options?” Good question! Not sure there is a good answer, except that the product is customized for use in the banking industry. ^SR

MX (MoneyDesktop)  Ryan Caldwell (CEO & Founder) and Matt West (Sales)  Very impressive cross-platform demonstration. Industry-leading Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution works flawlessly across every device conceivable. They demoed on iPhone, Android, iPad, iPad Mini, Mac laptop, PC laptop and at least 6 others. The company also unveiled their new name, they’ve dropped the “Desktop” and have become MX. They are now offering their technology as a platform, Helios. This is an important move for the company, and it changes their position in the market. In some cases, their former competitors become potential customers of the platform. This move is not without some risk for MX, they’ve gotten to where they are by being tremendously focused and providing a flawless product. It is important that they don’t dilute their message, or slow their pace.  ^SR

(Full disclosure, WMA has provided PR services for MoneyDesktop in the past.) I’ve watched this company prosper and grow for years. and they often win a “Best of Show” at Finovate events. I think Ryan is very talented and working with him in the past I know they are very forward thinking. “1/2 of all online banking vendors utilize MoneyDesktop”. Presentation showing the problems with HTML5.  Today launching new fin tech application development platform that is usable among Apple, Android, Windows and Amazon devices using native code. I believe the platform is called HELIOS. Now showing the exact same app on a Windows 8 PC and a MacBook Pro using the same native code.  Now showing a HELIOS app on the Amazon TV. That’s something we have not seen before.  Changing company name from MoneyDesktop to MX. Not just PFM.  I am betting they will win another “best of show” this time around.  ^WM