Event: Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Workshop – “Customer Insight Analytics”

When:  March 5, 2014, 1:30 – 5:00pm

Where:  New York, NY

Register: http://www.sentimentsymposium.com/registration.html

Please join us in New York on March 5 at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium for the “Customer Insight Analytics Workshop.”

The afternoon workshop will offer a thorough, practical look at how business analysts, managers, and executives can leverage Big Data to compete more effectively to meet rapidly evolving consumer demands. You’ll learn how to get the most value from unstructured data with:

During the workshop, Steven will examine a data-science case study and highlight best practices of some of the most successful Voice of the Customer programs. This is event is your opportunity to learn a straightforward methodology you can deploy immediately.

Key takeaways – learn how to:

  • Benchmark your customer experience, marketing, and social insights efforts
  • Accelerate your program and deliver greater value to your internal business partners
  • Prioritize your data acquisition and data management efforts
  • Identify themost effective analyses to perform to gain relevant, actionable insights

If you’ve been challenged with how to derive real, demonstrable ROI, and would like to learn more, join us for the Customer Insight Analytics workshopRegister online today >

After the workshop, continue to learn from other leaders in the industry, including Amazon, American Express, Huffington Post, IBM and more at the symposium on March 6. To learn more, please visit http://www.sentimentsymposium.com/workshops.html.