July 15 – 18, 2014  Las Vegas, NV

Brandon Purcell, Data Science Team Lead at Beyond the Arc, Inc.

As chairman for the North American Summit on Big Data Monetization in Telecoms, our Data Science Lead, Brandon Purcell touched on some of the biggest Big Data related challenges and opportunities facing businesses today:

  • How to organize Big Data – Organizationally, where should Big Data sit within the enterprise?  How can siloed organizations go about centralizing this function to maximize value?  Who owns the data, the analytics, and the implementation of results?
  • How and what data to collect –  How and what types of customer data should telecoms collect to optimize products, services, and marketing without betraying the trust of their customers (aka- the “creepiness factor”)?
  • Which tools to use – What tools are industry leaders using to harness the power of Big Data?
  • How to leverage Big Data – What are the current and future use cases of Big Data? Does anonymized customer data represent a potential new revenue stream for telecoms?
  • New opportunities – What are the most significant emerging opportunities in the Machine to Machine (M2M) space?

Workshop – Addressing your biggest business challenges with Data Science

Brandon also led a workshop at the event, which introduced a practical approach to data science that translates business challenges into data challenges, and data solutions into business actions with measurable outcomes.

Attendees were asked to select their most pressing business problems, and over the course of three hours, addressed them using this framework.  Use cases included reducing churn, improving customer profitability, and network optimization.


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