The Finovate show is a showcase for some of the most innovative companies exploring the intersection of financial services and technology. In just 7 minutes, each company must do a hands-on financial technology demonstration (no PowerPoint or pre-recorded video) and show how their innovation will revolutionize financial services.

Nearly 70 companies present over two days to an audience of over 1,300 that includes bankers, industry analysts, and the press. Given the show’s venue this year in San Jose, quite a few VCs and investment bankers were also on hand–leading emcee Greg Palmer to quip that Finovate is “where Silicon Valley meets Wall Street.”

The Finovate audience selects the Best of Show awards, with each attendee voting for their Top 3 picks at the end of each day. Based on the balloting, here are the Spring 2014 winners, along with brief descriptions from the Finovate website:

  • EyeVerify, for its Eyeprint Verification technology that enables mobile biometric authentication
  • Loop, for its smart mobile wallet system accepted at virtually every retail POS terminal without making changes to the existing POS system
  • Motif Investing, for its Advisor Platform that streamlines the way advisors build, monitor, and rebalance investment portfolios
  • Ondot Systems, for its CardControl technology that allows users to remotely control their credit and debit cards via their smartphone
  • PrivatBank, for topless, contactless smartphone-enabled Android ATM technology
  • SaveUp, for its Gen Y/Millennial-oriented solution that combines gamification with personal finance
  • Stockpile, for their “give the gift of stock” solution that helps people invest in the brands they love

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