After two full days of financial innovation product and technology demos, quite frankly, we were overwhelmed. Payments, personal financial management, gameification, mobile, millennials, robo-advisors, crowdsourcing– and crowdfunding– just a dizzying array of strategies that banks and financial institutions can use to differentiate. How to make sense of it all?

We turned to Finovate founder Jim Bruene for his take. After all, we estimated that Jim has now seen over 1,400 tech demos from 20 Finovate shows, taking place in New York, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Singapore, and London.

Just one problem. We know that Jim just doesn’t do on-camera interviews. He told us he has turned down TV interview requests, preferring to comment over the phone. Imagine our surprise when he said “Yes!” to our request to talk about Finovate Fall 2014.

In this short video interview, Steven Ramirez, CEO of Beyond the Arc, picks Jim’s brain on technology, innovation, and what it ultimately means for customers.