Having a tough time aligning your brand promise and customer experience? It’s not easy. Delivering a consistent customer experience every time takes employee buy-in at every stage. Your entire organization needs to be customer obsessed to reach brand experience maturity.

In a recent Forrester® report, 34% of marketing leaders surveyed point out that “having a clear understanding of the customer across the company” tops their brand-building challenge list. Yet most marketers are still in the early stages of brand experience maturity, and haven’t yet found how to drive company-wide marketing effectiveness. Not surprisingly, only 2% of organizations have best practices and consistent branding that extends beyond the marketing team to all business functions. What does your company need to do in order to start delivering an exceptional customer experience?

The journey from brand vision to maturity isn’t an easy one, and it’s best to have some guidance along the way. The Forrester® report “Engage the Enterprise to Reach Brand Experience Maturity” highlights 5 key strategies to radically alter and improve your brand maturity:

  1. Customer obsession: Clearly define and ground your brand experience strategy in the needs of the target customer
  2. Brand North Star clarity: Ensure that brand promise should be clearly articulated and understood throughout the organization
  3. TRUE brand navigation course: Make your brand Trusted, Remarkable, Unmistakable and Essential
  4. Consistent brand experience across MAP: Integrate your brand North Start into your messages, actions/ experiences and products (MAP)
  5. Brand performance monitoring: Evaluate your programs with relevant brand resonance metrics

Companies who consistently deliver on their brand promise create a culture of brand advocacy that spans from inspired employees to engaged customers. You too can create a truly customer-obsessed organization; you just might need a little guidance along the way. Click here to download the Forrester® report “Engage the Enterprise to Reach Brand Experience Maturity,” and get ready to embark on your company’s journey towards customer experience excellence.