We’ve created a quick summary of the key themes from the Finovate conference 2015. Take a look at the video below that we produced live from Finovate Spring 2015 in San Jose, Ca.Finovate

The Beyond the Arc content team also covered the entire conference, gavel to gavel. 70+ presenters in all. Companies had 7 minutes to discuss their latest innovations in a hands-on product demo. No powerpoint. No promo video. Just the latest technology deployed across multiple platforms from desktop, to smartphone, to the new Apple Watch.

Day 1  Finovate Spring 2015 notes on presenters

Day 2 Finovate Spring 2015 notes on presenters

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Fintech video from Day 2 of Finovate Conference 2015


Fintech video from Day 1 of Finovate Conference 2015

The Finovate team has a great blog, take a read! In the coming weeks they will also have video of each of the presenters from the 2015 Finovate conference. The attendees at Finovate cast votes on the top presentations. A list of the Finovate Best of Show winners from Spring 2015, as well as all previous winners, are on their blog.