facebook likesYour Facebook followers can’t get enough of you. Want to know why?

Facebook users are increasing every year and showing no signs of slowing down. As a result, over 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, which gives them the chance to showcase their business, keep their fans updated on their latest news, promote their products, and build key customer relationships. As businesses become more customer-centric they can deliver a degree of personalization, and in turn, the customer experience changes.

Relationships with social media followers, fans and potential customers become critical.  Facebook has evolved into a broad public forum where people can “like” pages, ask questions, comment on posts, and ideally, engage with a brand. But this doesn’t happen automatically. Your business must be proactive. Here are our tips on how to do just that.

Our top 3 tips to increase engagement on Facebook

Tip 1: Start a conversation

Pull in followers with questions and call-to-actions to initiate conversation and generate more likes, comments, and clicks. People are much more likely to interact with your post if you address them directly. Tell them what you want them to do. For example, you might say “Like this post if you’ve ever been to San Diego” or “Tell us which one is your favorite”. This is also your chance to build a more personal relationship with followers – talk to them as if you were talking to someone one-on-one. And don’t forget to keep the conversation going. You’ll gain valuable feedback if you address customer questions and comments, and you’ll have the chance to reinforce your brand when you respond.

Tip 2: Keep your posts short

In the past 5 years, the average person’s attention span has decreased by more than 31% to a total of 8.25 seconds (StatisticBrain.com). That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish.  So, when people see big blocks of text, they cringe, and scroll on without taking a second to read a word, let alone engage.

Posts with 80 characters or fewer receive 66% higher engagement, and posts with as few as 40 characters receive even 86% higher engagement (SocialMediaToday.com). Keep it short.

Tip 3: Use Imagery (photos or video)

Pictures speak louder than words, and this is very clear in the statistics for Facebook engagement. Photos receive 53% more “likes”, more than twice the amount comments, and 84% more clicks. To get your customers’ full attention, fully engage them with the immersive experience of a video or a captivating image.

So, what are the key takeaways for increasing Facebook engagement?

(1) Ask questions, (2) keep it short, and (3) use imagery.

The right Facebook engagement strategy can make all the difference in your communications, and has become a business essential. These three simple tips will help you make the most of the platform. When used to its full potential, Facebook gives you great ways to engage customers and gain direct, specific, feedback from them. You just need to capture people’s attention, tell interesting stories through copy and visuals, and you’ll be on your way to deepening relationships.


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