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We’ve seen a massive growth of customer communities in recent years and they show no signs of disappearing. Thanks to the rise of social media and mobile devices, sharing information with peers and interacting with companies has never been easier.

Empowered customers are now shaping business strategies, expecting consistent customer experiences with every product or service. They want immediate value and will go elsewhere if a company can’t provide it.

In addition to having more power in the buying decision, the consumer has access to more information than ever before. Instead of getting product reviews and advice from just a few experts, data is now easily and abundantly available to the consumer without being controlled or filtered by the seller. Customer communities have become trusted sources and the voice of the customer reigns supreme.

We’ve talked about the benefit to the consumer, but what are some of the benefits to
the business, and which type of business problems can they solve? See the video below to hear insight from Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez on the matter.

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