commercial banking customers

Hoping to gain the attention of commercial bank customers and prospects? To make your messages more appealing, try three smart approaches to connect, predict, and engage with your target audience.

1. Connect – Demonstrate you understand their needs, challenges, and goals

You may know everything about your bank’s product or service, but why should your audience care? For a more customer-centric approach, leverage your sales staff’s wealth of insights. Ask them how your offerings solve everyday problems or provide long-range solutions. Develop an easy-to-use template and gather success stories about real customers, interviewing them when possible. Create or use existing personas based on the key types of buyers and develop communications for each type. To discover other effective ways to reach your audience, see Content Marketing = Content Strategy.

2. Predict – Use your data to match messages to the right customer segments

You already have plenty of customer data, whether it’s from interactions – online, phone and in-person – surveys, social media, payment history and more. The next step is to make that data work for you. Use predictive analytics to target the most likely bank customers for a new offer or additional products and services to boost your sales success. Take steps to discover and apply the Power of Predictive Insights.

To gain the attention of commercial bank customers and prospects, try three smart approaches to connect, predict, and engage with your target audience, via @beyondthearc #communications #cx #finserv (Click to Tweet!)

3. Engage and measure – Capture interest and use social media metrics to assess your brand’s impact

Reach your commercial bank customers

You probably have a social media presence on several platforms, but are you using it for maximum effect? Becoming familiar with the nuances of each platform is one way to increase engagement. Post a question on Facebook, nurture followers on Twitter, use videos as part of your Instagram campaigns and try these additional social media top tips. You can also use metrics to measure and enhance your social media effectiveness. Explore these 5 Essential Social Media Metrics to Measure Your Brand’s Impact.

How can these three approaches work for you? To discover how we effectively applied them, see 3 Top Ways We Helped Our Clients Succeed.

4. Bonus approach – Try team selling

For a regional bank, we helped commercial bankers partner with different lines of business to increase sales and provide added value. To initiate the change, we designed a workshop to promote a team-focused approach and drive new behaviors. During training sessions, the bankers met with team members in complementary disciplines and explored success factors and benefits of working together. As a result, they understood expectations and rewards for performance. They also gained a best practice framework and tools for effective partnering, enabling them to reach bank customers who may be unaware of the products and services they offer and receptive to hearing about them.

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