AI analytics and PR

Artificial Intelligence is progressively being adopted by many tech and financial organizations. The use cases vary widely, from using predictive analytics to find hidden patterns in consumer data, to replacing customer service representatives with chatbots to save money.

But what can Artificial Intelligence do for creative industries, specifically in the world of news media and public relations?

Artificial Intelligence, as well as machine learning, predictive analytics, and text analytics can easily be integrated into your PR strategy. Let’s look at the benefits of AI in public relations:

AI takes care of menial tasks

Why should a human be stuck doing the menial tasks when a computer can do it faster? AI can take care of everyday PR tasks, from sending follow up emails (based on smart rules and scheduled tasks), to collecting and analyzing media metrics like web traffic or social media impressions. Using the right AI tools, you can reduce tedious work so media professionals can focus their attention on managing more impactful duties.

Data-driven PR

Another benefit of adopting artificial intelligence in your PR strategy is its potential to combine data from multiple media sources. Thanks to AI tools, brands can get accurate impression numbers, analyze which content is impacting their audience and can even find their ideal social media influencers. As the tools become more sophisticated, AI will be able to generate content like media advisories and press releases.

More and more PR pros are realizing AI’s ability to quickly find and process useful data to help quickly and clearly define their audience’s perception of their brand and decide what actions to take next.

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Boost social media engagement

Crafting an effective social media post that generates user engagement takes time. It requires identifying keywords, hashtags, and running a post through the proper approvals. Machine learning can be used to detect patterns in social media activity. These insights can then be used to determine what types of posts will generate the highest levels of user engagement. A data-driven approach to social media can help you boost the impact of your efforts.

Don’t panic, humans will still be needed

There’s a hype/fear around robots taking our jobs. But regardless of the long lists of AI skills businesses can benefit from, humans will always remain essential in Public Relations. Humans possess powerful skills that AI lacks, such as good judgement, empathy, and creativity. These skills are critical for traditional PR fundamentals like building good, trusting relationships with the media or crafting a brand’s message. But when Artificial Intelligence and humans can effectively collaborate together, that will generate the best outcomes.

In all, Artificial Intelligence can help PR professionals drive measurable business success.

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How Beyond the Arc can help with AI and Public Relations

At Beyond the Arc, our PR experts specialize in recognizing media opportunities and developing creative story angles to build public awareness for brand initiatives. We can also support your company with customer complaints to the media, or any time you need to react to potentially negative media inquiries.

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