Does your organization struggle to put the idea of empathy in customer experience into action?

Maybe it isn’t about putting yourself in the customer’s shoes after all. Check out our recent article by CX strategist Gavin James “Empathy as a Superpower: 4 Steps to getting it right” to learn more.

Watch the video below for some tips and tools that can help you get started today.

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What do we mean by empathy in customer experience?

Endemic to our need for awareness and fairness from others is having people empathize with our experiences. “Put yourself in my shoes,” we often say when we want someone to really understand us. We bond closely with those who show sensitivity when we face challenges and negative impacts. When someone really “sees” our side, and factors our needs and feelings into their decisions and actions, it often heightens our sense of trust and respect in that relationship.

Looking at it this way, you can see why empathy plays such a vital role in customer experience.

To drive this home, businesses like Facebook are now infusing empathy into company culture. Encouraging vulnerable sharing and empathetic thought leadership helps businesses grow more connected to the human experience – which in turn, inspires how they optimize their customer experience.


Wondering how to get started? Think about mapping the customer journey and infusing empathy into your communications. Beyond the Arc can help!
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