Is your approach to customer support optimized for today’s mobile-first customer service world?

Ever-present smartphones enable companies to leverage geo-location, edge computing, AI, and other technologies to provide assistance that is precisely tailored to each customer’s needs and current context. Do you have an innovation strategy to take advantage of these capabilities?

In this short segment, Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez discusses mobile customer service to increase engagement.

How proactively are you addressing technological change?

When exploring your readiness for mobile-first customer service, it’s helpful to assess where your company falls on the spectrum of digital adoption. Are you a…

  • Digital Leader: Ahead in anticipating the technological changes facing your organization
  • Digital Adopter: Easily adaptable and proactive in your approach
  • Digital Follower: Adaptable, but taking a passive approach
  • Digital Laggard: Lagging behind in your ability to adapt

What you can do to implement mobile-first customer service?

Keeping up with technological changes may feel overwhelming. For ways to get started, see our guest blog by Jay Palter, How Do You Stay Up To Date with Innovation? You’ll find key strategies for staying current with the latest trends in the financial services industry, which can be applied to different industries as well.

Is your approach to customer support optimized for today’s mobile-first world? @beyondthearc #customerservice #customerexperience #mobile #digital

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How Beyond the Arc can help — Customer Experience & Innovation Strategy

We combine data science, customer experience strategy, and communications to help clients deepen customer relationships and differentiate in the marketplace. Our approach helps companies improve customer experience across products, channels, and touch points — and take advantage of innovative technology that enables new ways to delight customers.

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