Artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever, but successful AI adoption requires a pragmatic approach. For success, you need a gameplan that results in a steady acquisition and maturing of knowledge, technical skills, and processes, all geared to solve a specific set of business problems.

To help guide you along the way and accelerate your progress towards AI adoption, we’ve outlined 6 key steps to follow in our Roadmap to AI Adoption.

1. Develop a set of use cases that lead to a portfolio of Proof of Concept (POC) projects

  • Modified Agile: 4-6 weeks turn
  • Portfolio covers the data science lifecycle
  • Projects defined in close consultation with LOB owners
  • Current state analysis
  • Project scorecard and portfolio evaluation

2. Use the POCs to inform decisions about tools and technology

  • Business Requirements and Technical Requirements
  • Vendor evaluation and selection

3. Provide training and support for culture shift

4. Scale POCs and push data science thinking deeper into the organization

5. Increase the scope and sophistication of analysis, up to AI

6. Maintain focus on what’s important: customer centric, analysis as a way to advance strategic business objectives

Roadmap to AI Adoption


How can machine learning and AI adoption help strengthen your understanding of the customer journey?

While there are many uses of AI, some of the most compelling involve predicting customer behavior. Using machine learning, causes of behavior can be determined and monitored over time.

The analytic models that are the foundation of AI are built from patterns determined by an interplay of dimensions that are measured throughout the customer journey, including which steps were skipped by a customer, which steps were repeated, how much time it took from start to finish of a process, and how much was spent.

There are plenty of opportunities to add value by adding customer journey analytics to gain insight into why customers behave the way they do. Then you can determine key actions your company should take  to achieve better outcomes for your customers.


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How Beyond the Arc can help — Artificial Intelligence

Our team includes experts in data science, passionate about making decisions and taking action based on data. They specialize in using statistics and machine learning to deliver actionable business insights. 

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