financial advisor communications - woman on phone People hire a financial advisor hoping for trusted guidance to make important financial decisions. But trust doesn’t just happen. Advisors need to nurture client relationships to build connection and credibility. Yet too often, they don’t. So it’s no surprise the top reason clients fire financial advisors is lack of communication.

72% of clients left because their advisor rarely communicated with them, and 51% exited because they didn’t feel understood.1 Understandably, clients get concerned when the market is volatile or they’re confused by complex investment options. Or maybe they have important decisions to make about their 401(k) rollover or life insurance. Whatever the case, clients are looking for reassuring expertise – when they need it most, and to give them everyday peace of mind about their financial future.

It’s not enough to only reach out with periodic reporting, or share financial information mired in industry jargon. Clients expect the same engaging experience they find with their favorite brands.

Financial advisors need to build a trusted relationship with communications on a regular basis that add value and empower clients.

Financial advisor communication tips for keeping clients happy

Whether clients have financial concerns or simply need more investment knowledge, the right messaging at the right time can make all the difference. It’s also important to consider the types of content and channels your client audiences prefer, so you reach people in the most effective ways.

As Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc CEO notes, “Consistent communications are important to attracting high net worth clients and retaining their relationship.”

For many years, we’ve helped financial advisors and financial institutions create wealth management communications to increase engagement and improve the client experience. Check out these blogs for some creative approaches:

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