Customer service teams are often the weak link in optimizing customer experience. It usually isn’t the fault of frontline representatives. As companies roll out omnichannel contact strategies, there are just too many calls, emails, chat sessions, SMS, and Facebook messages to keep up. And agents often do not have the right tools and training to be successful. How can these challenges be effectively addressed?

We think the answer is AI customer service.

In this short segment, Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez discusses how AI is creating “scalable personalization.”  Machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and cloud technologies are helping companies enhance customer experience, and there are exciting opportunities ahead.

While we are talking in terms of innovations that enable AI customer service, the same principles hold true for customer success.

With new capabilities powered by machine learning, companies can understand — and anticipate– customer needs. And then they can proactively take action at any stage in the customer relationship, for both consumers and B2B.

The role of people in customer service also becomes more important than ever. They are able to offer an emotional connection and a human connection. These teams can spend more time on engagement, once they are freed up from the highly repetitive tasks that currently occupy their time.

How Beyond the Arc can help with AI Customer Service

We provide a unique mix of customer experience services, helping companies develop the strategy, training, communications, and company culture necessary to transform customer experience with AI.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a technology that you can bolt-on to your existing operations. To capture value, companies have to rethink how they organize internally and may have to reengineer customer journeys.

image: Pixabay/mohamed_hassan