As fintech companies navigate a tricky economic climate, marketing leaders are often the ones who have to perform a high-wire act. Their marketing budget is flat — while it is more critical than ever to get new leads into the pipeline. In this environment, content marketing has a greater role to play.

Successful fintech marketers will pivot to emphasize lead generation, a clear value proposition, and content aimed at progressing conversations to close sales.

In financial services, companies are increasingly turning to specialized fintech marketing agencies to help maximize the cost-effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Does it really matter which agency you pick?

Actually, Yes. With a tough economy and stiff competition, fintech marketing efforts need to be more focused and strategic. And you need to demand more from a fintech content agency.

Successful fintech marketers will pivot to emphasize lead generation, a clear and concise value proposition, and content aimed at progressing conversations to close sales sooner. Partnering with a fintech content agency can be a cost-effective way to accomplish these objectives.

Content marketing campaigns reach targeted audiences

By creating content customized to specific roles and customer personas, companies can focus on the right people: the buyers and internal stakeholders who benefit from the fintech solution. The Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Digital, Chief Lending Officer, and Chief Risk Officer may all be at the table.

That means your content can’t just hype your solution. It needs to show you understand the different business objectives of various roles, and how to communicate with B2B buyers in order to build trust.

Content can drive lead generation in the fintech industry

fintech on mobile In financial services, deep thought leadership content drives leads. Executives at banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are looking for different types of information, depending on what stage they are in on their buying journey.

What I’ve learned from more than 10 years on stage at Finovate, Financial Brand Forum, and other fintech events is that B2B buyers have high expectations. They expect fintech companies to offer cutting edge technology, seamless digital experiences, and flexible integration into existing bank systems. But convincing them takes nuanced content:

  • Earlier in the journey, buyers want content about novel, yet tested, ways of solving their challenging problems.
  • Later, specific details and use cases (e.g., using keystroke speed for biometric identity verification) could be the catalyst for a meeting with a sales representative.

Content marketing without a clear value proposition goes nowhere

Marketing services including blogs, whitepapers, landing pages, videos, and social media marketing are merely tactics. That content can only move the needle if it executes on a clear value proposition. As Gavin James from Beyond the Arc notes, “It’s not about features and capabilities — it’s about what’s in it for your customers.”

Many digital marketing agencies are all execution, keywords and web metrics.  But that alone will not help marketing leaders get ahead. The right fintech content agency should also have deep experience in tech and financial services. They can help you raise thought-provoking questions and suggest strategic topics that will emphasize your company’s differentiated value.

Buying cycles are long, but fintech digital content can accelerate them

Content that makes impact should do more than educate about a fintech’s products and services. It needs to help the various stakeholders in the buying organization make informed decisions.

A fintech content agency can provide a range of services, from developing an overall content strategy to executing targeted digital tactics. When selecting a marketing agency for your fintech business, it’s important to consider a few key attributes:

  • The agency should have a comprehensive view of the financial services landscape, and be able to create content that resonates with your target audiences.
  • They should provide a full suite of digital marketing services. This includes strategy, content creation, and distribution for inbound marketing, paid media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and data-driven marketing programs.

With the right agency, your company can optimize your marketing budget to create effective campaigns, increase visibility, and develop sustainable, long term relationships with customers.

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