Helping to support fintech innovations is one of our passions at Beyond the Arc. For more than a decade, we’ve been helping financial services clients, trendspotting and tracking industry impacts to help businesses grow with effective fintech business strategies and fintech content marketing.

We also immerse in financial industry events like Finovate, where our CEO Steven Ramirez interviews industry leaders to explore the latest thinking on fintech innovations. At Finovate Fall 2022 in New York City, Steven tapped three executives for insights about embedded payments and the future of digital banking experiences.

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, SVP at Silicon Valley Bank – Embedded payments and embedded banking: What’s real, what’s hype?

Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore chats with Steven about her role at SVB, why it can be challenging to do embedded payments, and what fintech trends she sees as the next opportunities in the financial services industry.

Mike Duncan, CEO of BankJoy – Taking digital banking to the next level and building fintech innovations that scale

Mike explores how a paradigm shift of flexible fintech development can help community banks and credit unions compete with major banks, and the need to innovate digital banking for small to medium businesses.

Jonathan Alloy, VP at Credit Suisse – How to get into the mind of a customer and improve the digital banking experience

Jonathan Alloy, VP Design Thinking at Credit Suisse, discusses why banking customer experience still has a way to go to take banking from a tolerable journey to an enjoyable experience. He also explores why fintechs looking to partner with a bank need to understand the risk profile of decisionmakers that can buy their solution.