embedded fintechWith the next Finovate conference on the horizon, we’re looking forward to discussions about emerging trends and new tech that always take place – especially about the growth in embedded fintech.

As this tech gains steam, we are seeing bank-fintech partnerships that are ready to bring embedded solutions to market. And the focus is not just on innovation, but how to effectively educate and engage corporate decision-makers.

Understanding the B2B landscape for embedded fintech

Interest in embedded fintech solutions is growing among mid-market and larger corporations as part of their broader digital transformation efforts. Back in 2022, the space was fairly new when Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez talked with host Greg Palmer on the Finovate podcast. Only two years later, it’s clear that momentum is powering up for integrating banking and payments into non-bank platforms.

Our work with top banks mirrors this trend. Commercial clients are looking to leverage embedded solutions to streamline internal payment operations, as well as enhance their digital platform offerings. For instance, they could integrate new capabilities for banking services, straight-through payment processing, embedded lending, and more.

To drive growth for embedded solutions, it’s critical to demonstrate that the organization understands the different needs across B2B segments and use cases, as well as the competing priorities of different decision-makers. That means comprehensive analysis to identify when and why companies consider various solutions, and how needs vary across types of embedded finance (e.g., embedded payments, embedded banking, embedded insurance).

Building this foundation is essential for tailoring products – and go-to-market (GTM) strategy – to the unique needs and concerns of businesses across different industry verticals and geographies.

Putting insight into action for go-to-market strategy

Next, it’s time to bring together all those customer and market insights to shape product positioning, key messaging and content strategy. It helps organizations clearly communicate the benefits of embedded fintech in ways that are differentiating and compelling.

For example, highlighting how an embedded solution enables companies to boost efficiency and save staff time with simpler, automated operations. Or enhance their SaaS platform client experience with new capabilities that also enable new revenue streams.

Key components of an effective GTM strategy

To enhance B2B sales engagement, the GTM strategy should take a structured approach, focusing on several core elements:

  • Insights on target customer segments. Create a well-organized analysis of the variations across B2B audiences, differing by industry, size, revenue, and specific needs related to embedded fintech. It can help to articulate these differences as client personas.
  • Data-driven value proposition. Use customer insights to develop positioning that aligns product benefits with the needs and priorities of target audiences. It helps ensure the value proposition is relevant, believable, and meets growing market demands.
  • Strategic messaging. Develop a communication framework based on the value proposition to ensure key messages are conveyed consistently across all marketing channels. The framework defines core themes and proof points for an engaging narrative crafted to resonate with the target audiences.
  • Creative marketing content. Build a content strategy action plan that includes content types and strategic topics that will resonate with B2B audiences. Craft content for multiple channels (web, blog, sales collateral, digital ads, etc.) that integrates value prop themes and messages, as well as industry insights, executive quotes and more.
  • Funnel strategy for marketing content. Create an engagement plan that links marketing content with various stages of the sales funnel to fuel momentum from raising awareness to final decision. Each stage utilizes targeted insights and tailored content to maximize engagement and enhance conversion rates.

Stay agile to stay on target

Particularly for a technology landscape like embedded fintech that is evolving rapidly, marketing strategy and content should remain agile. Continuously integrate insights from customer interactions and changing market conditions to stay aligned with evolving expectations. This dynamic process helps maintain the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts to better support customer needs and business growth goals.

Why a data-driven value proposition matters

Based on customer and market insights, a clear value proposition sets the stage for stronger engagement and adoption of an embedded solution. It centers around a narrative to convince potential clients of the measurable advantages, and help offerings stand out from the competition.

It isn’t promotional fluff—a strong value proposition is the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. Well-defined positioning lays the groundwork for meeting crucial business goals like boosting client acquisition, enhancing service delivery, and even cutting down on operational costs.

A solid value proposition can also guide internal decisions and company culture. It ensures initiatives align with what clients value the most to support better project prioritization and resource allocation.

Best practices for a well-crafted value proposition

  • Create a brief statement that articulates the overarching value the embedded fintech solution offers. It isn’t a tagline but a central theme that zeros in on what customers prioritize most.
  • Develop a messaging framework that clearly distinguishes the brand and answers key questions about why to choose this solution. For instance, what are the core benefits and how do they create business impact?
  • Integrate feedback from existing clients to be sure the value proposition addresses how the solution solves pain points to enhance the relevance and appeal of products.
  • Socialize the value proposition internally (across the organization or line of business). The goal is to encourage everyone to embrace the core concepts as an approach to better serving customers. Beyond marketing and sales, this outreach ideally includes the product team, relationship managers and customer service, technology partners and others.

Aligning around a strong value proposition helps the organization consistently deliver on that promise to build trust and loyalty with clients. It helps increase the likelihood that clients will engage long-term and recommend the brand.

Aligning messaging with evolving regulatory guidance

Navigating the regulatory landscape is a crucial aspect of marketing embedded fintech solutions. This is especially true in the B2B sector where compliance can significantly influence product offerings and marketing strategies.

Effective marketing requires clear, transparent communication that highlights product benefits, but also ensures that all promotional materials are in strict adherence to relevant legal, compliance, and risk guidelines. This approach helps protect the company from potential legal issues, and will be a positive for clients who value compliance as much as innovation.

By integrating compliance considerations into marketing narratives, companies can differentiate by demonstrating a commitment to both innovation and sound financial practices.

Success in Embedded Finance with Bank-Fintech Alliances

Beyond the Arc CEO, Steven Ramirez co-hosts this session to explore the power of bank-fintech partnerships to jointly innovate, enhance customer experiences, and help clients drive growth. Learn more >

Wed. June 12,  12:30 – 1:20 PM Eastern

How Beyond the Arc can help you drive B2B engagement

Embedded finance solutions have the potential to create transformative impact. Many banks, fintechs, financial companies, and technology providers are capitalizing on this significant opportunity to attract new clients and deepen existing relationships.

For marketing leaders, it’s increasingly important to think beyond the technology integration aspects. Standing out requires a holistic marketing approach that combines strategic insights, a robust value proposition and differentiating messaging and stories – all aimed at building and sustaining profitable client engagements.

That is precisely where Beyond the Arc can add value.

With 20 years of experience in financial services and a leadership role in fintech and payments innovation, our agency excels in strategic positioning and content creation. We specialize in delivering marketing that resonates with B2B audiences, effectively helping clients drive the sales cycle and enhance market presence.

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